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The Pilates for everyBody® Method

Founded in 2002 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Pilates for everyBody® offers both studio equipment and mat classes. Loretta Simon Helms, the founder, has spent her life exploring and learning Pilates body method and dance.

The Pilates Method is a unique system of body conditioning that strengthens ligaments and joints, lengthens muscles and increases flexibility and coordination.

A focused form of exercise integrating mind, body and spirit, Pilates will give you longer leaner muscles, a stronger central core, increased body awareness and efficient movement and effective postural alignment.

The Pilates Method has been used with dancers for over 75 years.

With dedication, Pilates can transform your body shape. You will feel better, look better and be stronger.

Because of her life journey into the body landscape, Loretta brings a keen and developed eye for movement efficiency and each person's own body physiology.

Her genuine enjoyment of people when coupled with her sense of humor is contagious, creating the best environment for learning. People studying under her direction learn very quickly and become involved in their own personal physical health. They learn the techniques to achieve their best at whatever age.

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Margherita Bencini

It is real Pilates for real people.

Loretta Simon Helms

It is Pilates for everyBody.®

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