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Loretta Simon Helms

Loretta Simon Helms, MS.ED, has taught Pilates since 1981. She studied with Alan Herdman at Herdman Studios of London while teaching at Houston Ballet Academy's Pilates Studio.

She later studied with Robert Fitzgerald Studios in NYC and is a member of the Physicalmind Institute for the Pilates Method.

In addition, she holds a medical license in massage therapy and teaching licenses in dance, psychology and English. Her professional career includes work as a choreographer, dance teacher and educator at Cleveland School of the Arts.

She has been a guest artist at several universities including Ohio State, Westminister College, Akron University and Dance Academies, BalletMet and Canton Ballet, the Ohio Dance Festival and Spa Rancho La Puerta, Mexico.

The depth of her knowledge extends into other body techniques of Rudolph Laban in Effort/Shape theory, Sweigard's Ideokinesis, a dynamic alignment technique, and Alexander work which uses posture and energy to find efficient movement.

Combined with this physical knowledge is an academic background in teaching styles, the psychology of the learning process and a solid understanding of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper describes her as a master teacher reflecting her dedication and work for 15 years in an academic performing arts program.

Current clients describe her classes as impassioned and enriching.

Her teaching reflects an intelligent application of the Pilates Method. Classes will be fun and challenging, representing the core curriculum and principles of the Method.

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