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Developed by Loretta Simon Helms during her 35 year experience in dance and education, this customized personal Pilates training produces miracle results with your modest investment of time and dedication.

Your fitness program is designed for your body's general improvement helping to:

  • alleviate pain and disability resulting from injury
  • correct your posture and return your body to its rightfully balanced nature
  • strengthen muscles through elongation, not only for better general health, but to increase stamina and performance
  • teach your body to react correctly to stress and tension
  • reduce fat-storing areas of the body
  • encourage your self image with a more beautiful, comfortable and graceful body

Pilates for everyBody® offers a variety of classes in Amsterdam. You can choose from Mat Classes, Studio Equipment Classes, Private lessons or try one of our different Workshops.

Mat Classes are offered at two locations in Amsterdam. These classes are taught in 10 week sessions.

Please wear comfortable clothes, no shoes required.

Missed class policy: You can make up missed classes in the same session, at any of the locations. Missed classes can not be transferred to a new session.

If you would like to try any of these classes, please call to make an appointment. Please make all payments to L.A.Simon-Helms, Postbank Account # 9020765

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